Families feel reassured, ease for teachers

having a close control of their classrooms while making it participative toward their students.

Teachers will have full control of each student’ internet surfing thus will have a close control their classrooms.

IMTLazarus enables at schools that teachers have control over the devices present, deactivating online access without blocking Wi-Fi connection for its teaching purposes, so promoting a proper use of tablets by the students to ensure all of them keep up with the pace of the classes.

It is important to point out that IMTLazarus includes content-control, so for those schools that do not have any, such gap will also be solved.

Full and reliable control

Get to manage all the internet activity instantly and anywhere.

Manage properly your children internet activity, remotely and instantly, and control their connection timing.

How can I control that “Brand new” learning device called “Tablet” and get to reduce its threats?

IMTLazarus is the right help that families need and require. It’s always active regardless where the children are and with full control and administration by parents.

Internet surfing could be controlled and blocked when desired or needed, by time slots, indefinitely, from anywhere, just will need an internet access to have instant control of our children devices.

Protect and filter the content they have access to avoiding them to visit malicious or adult websites not suitable for their age.

IMTLazarus will allow parents to know at all times the exact location of their children and will receive an alarm signal when devices are off or out of coverage area.

When providing our children with an Smartphone, an i-Pad or a Tablet with internet access, we are also giving them an easy access to websites non suitable for their age. IMTLazarus help you to control and block their browsing through undesired sites related to sex, sects, violence, bullying, etc.