Supervision of Departments, geo-location

and control of usage by employees.

Companies provide their employees with mobile devices for their field jobs, which performance can be controlled through those devices with IMTLazarus.

Any Company worthy of its name is responsible for the proper usage of its devices by their employees, for its management skills, its data security and its corporate image.

Companies and institutions

Get to know your employees’ use of mobile devices and their exact location at any time.

Improve your Company productivity by reducinig time and resources wasting by inapropiated use of devices.

IMTLazarus enables the integration with current MDM in the market. This along with its own features help Companies to manage and audit their staff communications.

Furthermore it’s designed to ease supervisors’ control upon hierarchy levels.

Integrated with all MDM availablee in the market, it allows control by different supervisors from all areas within your Company.

IMTLazarus gets to cover all nowadays control lacks in Companies and Public Administrations, by complementing and interacting with the most advanced MDM’s available in the market, without affecting to internet velocity.

For all of stated above, IMTLazarus is undoubtly the device your Company needs.