Unique ecosystem for K-12

IMTLazarus is a ecosystem of agents and technologies that participate with each other , achieving an agnostic experience in the use of the different devices that are currently used in educational centers.

  • The right of access.
  • Information management.
  • Improving classroom dynamics.
  • Development for participation in educational technologies.

We provide elements that interact, meeting different needs in terms of security, privacy and behavior.

We relate different technologies with the aim of normalizing work in educational centers while respecting the family environment.


Revolutionizing student protection

Protecting their rights is everyone’s need and especially the responsibility of guardians and families.


Strengthening a feeling of protection

Students may be exposed to inappropriate content that harms their health and development. It is essential to control and prevent access to content and/or resources that may be inappropriate for their age.


Respecting the school and family environment

Everyone has the right to privacy and to keep their personal data secure, especially students, both in the educational and family environment.


Promoting responsible habits

The online behaviors of students can signal inappropriate behaviors or problems. It is the guardians’ and parents’ responsibility to remain vigilant and act upon any anomaly.

Protected centers and students



Compatibility and Agnosticism

Interweaving technology in any educational field.

Persistence of information with extensive history for evaluation.

Totally and truly ‘agnostic’ about device technology.

Workroom environment instead of work sessions.

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