Mobile devices,
global management,
protected privacy

Unbeatable security, scalability and global integration with current ICT infrastructure

It solves the problems while browsing the internet in schools, companies and at home.

iOS / macOS





A simple and intuitive Cloud device that enables functions of supervision, location, analysis and control over communications.

Born to fulfil many demands risen from the educational sector and the families, seeking for control on internet browsing performed by underage.

It has been designed taking into consideration all different supervisors, and has been adapted to comply with the current legislation regarding underage’s data protection.

Family protection

Protects and filters content avoiding underage to visit adults or forbidden websites.

Companies and institutions

Get to know exactly what your employees do and where they are with the Company mobile device.


Teachers will have full control on each student browsing and the device usage, through instant actions.

IMTLazarus guarantees a proven successful and safe environment, designed for families and teachers.

IMTLazarus is a global management environment cloud based that offers security from the “cloud” through the connectivity, thus providing a content filter environment highly effective and efficient.

Security through connectivity is reinforced by security through MDM systems, leveraging the maximum potential from each technology.

Specially designed to interact with net technologies, devices and third-party management software (MDM; CloudWifi, ERP, UTM).Devices’ control in whatever type of net:

  • · Private networks managed by Companies
  • · Mobile networks
  • · Open Networks
  • It allows both families and teachers to be an active part taking part in the control of the underage.

    A collaborative management environment where is prioritized the simplicity in the management, with group advanced control features.

    Integración con tecnologías MDM

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