Evolve your educational center, peace of mind for teachers and families

Active participation of teachers and families.

Integral solution for education.

IMTFussion Experience


Merge valuable information for your teachers and ICT staff in your other educational platforms (Jamf, Google Classroom, Microsoft Azure and your trusted ERPs/LMSs).

Importance of Access and Privacy


Responsible management of personal data, dividing the school and the family environments. Respect for the families’ privacy and the school’s, accessing each one to their own data.

Granular security over the searches, Google and YouTube access


Multiple filters, extremely configurable and adapted to the different needs of each educational community.

Assessing of the user using image analysis


Images bank with Artificial Intelligence techniques and advanced analysis capabilities to help with the decision making and the adequate management of an educational environment.

Classroom management as work spaces


Classes designed as work spaces in which the teacher manages them by subjects and that persist over time, so another teacher can join and manage those work spaces effortlessly.

Boost the tools you use on a daily basis


We achieve better efficiency and participation from the education community, increasing the behaviour analysis and students’ usage habits and optimizing the communication with other educational apps.

Essential Desktop for Windows y Minecraft


Maximizing the learning experience in a superior security environment, specifically designed for Windows and Minecraft.




Third-party integration

A simple and intuitive cloud tool that enables communication monitoring, location, analytics and control.


Teachers will have absolute control over each student’s browsing activity and their devices with immediate access to immediate actions.