Promoting responsible habits

The online behaviors of students can signal inappropriate behaviors or problems. It is the guardians’ and parents’ responsibility to remain vigilant and act upon any anomaly.





  • Activities that involve something harmful or toxic, or that undermine the integrity of students both physically and mentally.

  • Elements that cause distraction and even disconnection from the student’s education [Social media, Online games…]


  • Actions that the student deliberately engages in that put them in danger.
  • Tracking of the student’s activities within the educational framework to assess their progress.

Committed to the monitoring of student’s activity

  • School leadership. Providing tools to assess the situation when making decisions.
  • Teachers. Communicating the student’s activity progress to enhance classroom dynamics and engagement.
  • Families. Considering the family environment to address potential inappropriate behaviors.

Behavior conducive to normalizing work in the classroom and at home

  • Ensuring the student’s integrity by avoiding inappropriate activities.
  • Preventing undesirable situations.
  • Observing the student’s activity for evaluation.
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