Enhancing your sense of safety

Students may be exposed to inappropriate content that harms their wellbeing and development. It is essential to control and prevent access to content and/or resources that may be inappropriate for their age.

Respect for rules

Access management

Information management

  • Strict separation between the rules of the educational center and families considering both the school and family environment.
  • Access beyond allowing or denying entry. Access to content and/or resources in a granular manner, managing the different elements that interact within the educational context.
  • Handling of collected information according to the policies of the educational institution while applying the necessary security measures to ensure the protection of the student.

Sensitized to the protection of students

  • Educational institutions. Providing security in information and how it is identified and classified.
  • Teachers. Ensuring that the security policies of the center minimize interference in the educational process.
  • Families. Considering the family environment to apply security according to their convictions and principles.

Adequate access to information and educational resources

  • Accessing appropriate content and resources for each particular context.
  • Handling information according to the convictions of the educational center and the families.
  • Persisting information to observe the student’s activity.
  • Providing cross-cutting, technology-agnostic, and contextual security.
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