Respecting the school and family environment

Everyone has the right to privacy and to keep their personal data secure, especially students, both in the educational and family environment.

Responsible management

Respect for data

Adherence to regulations

Data sensibility

  • Responsible management of personal data, separating the school and family environments.
  • Respect for the privacy of families and school centers, with each accessing their respective data.
  • Ensuring compliance with current laws in different countries.
  • Classification of identifiable and sensitive data.

Conscious handling of personal data

  • Government entities. They must ensure compliance with the various laws and regulations that safeguard the privacy of personal data, especially those concerning students.
  • Educational institutions. They should ensure the responsible management of personal data for all members of the educational community, with special attention to students.
  • Families. They should be careful with the personal data of students and be able to access the data generated in the family environment.
  • Students. Protected in their personal data and conscious of its handling.

Respect and responsible management of students’ personal data

  • Ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations of each country.
  • Accessing their respective data in the school and family environments.
  • Exercising special responsibility with identifiable and sensitive data.